Optimize and Manage Energy

For many businesses energy is a major input cost, but it's hard to track the waste because you can't see it piling up in the rubbish bin. In the same way that a business needs to track material inputs, energy usage should be measured and reported in meaningful ways. The phrase "if you can't measure it then you can't save it" has become a mantra of energy efficiency professionals for good reason - we have all seen the results that a properly implemented energy monitoring and reporting system can have on the bottom line.

Measurement and reporting are the first steps. These should be accompanied by detailed audits, identification and implementation of improvement opportunities, and... ongoing measurement and reporting. Energy costs can also be reduced through such things as better understanding energy markets and tariffs, and smarter procurement.

We have experience to help you wherever you are on this journey, including:

  • Energy Audits (using EMANZ/EECA standards).
  • Design and implementation of monitoring and reporting systems. This could be a fully automated database reporting software system or simply advice on the best way to collect and analyse data in meaningful ways.
  • Implementation of improvement opportunities. See Process Engineering.
  • Advice on markets, tariffs and procurement.
  • Renewable Energy